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We are now booking sales for the spring of 2015, call now because the slots are filling up!

  Feeling Overwhelmed?

   *Moving Sales
   *Partial Estates
   *Full Estates 


Initial Consultation
 The initial meeting is free.  We will meet at the home to decide what is needed and what services we can provide for you.

Estate Liquidation-
Most sales generally run for three days, this includes:

  *Setting up the entire sale, including pricing,
    reserch items and running the sale.  Also
    security, advertising and directional signs.

  *We can liquidate the leftovers if requested.  At
    the end of the sale, before the cleanout process
    begins, you are free to take posession of any   
    remaining items.  Afterwards you can choose to
    donate to a charity or sell the items in bulk.

   *We include a photo gallery of your sale on our
     website and email will be sent out notifying
     potential customers.

Professional and dependable
Competitive rates
20 years experience in the trade

I devote all my energy to selling the clients posessions to the best possible buyer. I know the amount of work involved and what it will take to achieve that goal.


Phone: 316-838-3521

References supplied upon request

We use an electronic cash register to document each item sold.  At the end of the sale you are given an accounting of the sales.

We are also set up now to accept all major credit cards.

Have questions? Email me at:

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