Sale by Gayle
Estate Sale  Liquidation Service

Wichita, KS
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                                          Sale by Gayle
                   Estate Sale Liquidators
                        Wichita, Kansas

Feeling Overwhelmed?  We can help!  Our mission is to make your life easier and less Stressful.  We can do:

        Moving sales
       Partial estates
       Full estate sales

*We can put together a Package of services that you select to suit your needs

*My staff and I take care of the whole process from set up to clean out
     This includes, arranging like items together, research prices, traffic flow, security and
The remains will be disposed of in a manner our client approves of.  You will be
     given an  accounting of cash, checks and credit received.

*We have an electronic cash register, and are now set up to accept all major credit

*I have an extensive email list, and photos of your sale will be posted on my

*I have over 20 years in the trade and am ready to work hard to insure a
   successful sale
Our customers buy everything, the half used bottles of cleaners, mixing bowls,
     pliers, linens, purses, storage bins!  It all sells!

*Yes, we have also had homes sell during the sale, and YES, the client did receive
  their asking price!

*Bonded & Insured

*20 years in the trade, 10 years on Ebay

*Have you been turned down by other companies or need a sale done immediately?  Give me a CALL!

Professional and insured! 

You can contact me at:
Home phone: 316-838-3521            
Cell Phone: 316-206-3676  

At Sale by Gayle, every home is a 
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